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Devoted to God’s design of the family, the sanctity of life and caring for people in body and soul. Serving you through faithful programming, advocacy and teaching.

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Friends for Life Podcast

Friends for Life Podcast

In this podcast from LCMS Life Ministry, hear from life leaders and others who are speaking up about and living out the sanctity of human life.

March for Life - LCMS Life Ministry

March for Life

Join thousands as we publicly confess the God-given value of all human life during March for Life events around the United States all year long.

I Will Grieve for the Suicide - Life Ministry Resource

Christian Sexuality

LCMS resources address a variety of issues, including human sexuality, marriage, cohabitation and abstinence. Find out what God’s Word teaches us about these important topics that are relevant to our society today.

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Sanctity of Life

Heartfelt letters, apologetics, and essays all in support of God’s gift of life.

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Tools for navigating joys and challenges of the home.

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Translations of a variety of Life Library materials

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LCMS Life Ministry speaks up for life, cares for people in body and soul, and teaches about the sanctity of human life.

Hearing REAL topics discussed by Christians in Friends for Life is a blessing. The guests’ insights remind me that not every topic has to be polarizing. This ministry is thoughtful, Biblical, and centered on God’s promise and guidance.


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